Policies and Procedures

Learning Center - Policies and Procedures

Library Policies

1. Please don't eat or drink by the computers.
2. Always clean up your work area.
3. Stay on appropriate websites and use research time wisely.
4. No cell phones.
5. Talk only when necessary and be mindful of your volume.
6. Take care of our books and computers.
7. Never leave the LC without a pass.
8. Please sign in at the circulation desk if you are not coming in with your teacher.
9. Follow all the rules in the student handbook.
10. Treat others with respect and work with dignity and diligence.


Check out procedures

-You may check out books for up to one month. You may renew, but please
bring in the book to do so.
-When checking out, include your first and last name on the card. The
person checking out will write in the due date for you.
-Please return your book on time and avoid too many renewals. Our
collection is small and we want every student to have access to a variety
of books.
-Your report card will be held and your grades blocked if you have an
overdue book at the end of the quarter.
-You will be charged a fine to cover the cost of a book if you lose one.
-Keep track of which books you have and when they are due. Know where
are at all times


Ten students are allowed to come to the LC during AE. Come in for a pass
early in the day. Spots go quickly. You are to use this time for homework
and research.

Computers in the L.C

The learning center has 30 computers, which you are free to use for purposes related to school assignments. Failure to comply with this police on a consistent basis could result in loss of computer privileges. Ms. Wilkins will provide instruction on how to use the various Encyclopedia CDs and the Internet when a teacher brings his/her class to the L.C. Students are not allowed to e-mail or download information from the internet. You may print school related papers up to ten pages at no cost. Documents over ten pages will cost ten cents per page. Please take care of our computers. They are valuable resources, which we are fortunate to have.